METartUM: Mitata and the Xerolithies of Psiloritis in the Digital Age

Metartum is a free digital application of augmented reality on the connection of innovation and tradition, new technologies and arts, popular and modern culture in Mitata of Psiloritis. The present project was supported through the digital actions program of the Directorate of Contemporary Culture of the Ministry of Culture and implemented by the Cultural Organization Androidus, in collaboration with the Municipality of Anoggia and the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH). With a central focus on modern art forms..


Discover the Mitata of Psiloritis

Discover the ARTISTS

To realize the project, three artistic forms were created in a connection of local cultural heritage (folk music artists) and modern manifestations in art (contemporary creators).

The artists as the main contributors to this initiative with a springboard from a myth of Greek Antiquity, created 3 new works-performances of contemporary art, lending their own approach to the message and the impact of today.
The Cultural Organization Androidus invites and urges Artists, Craftsmen and Creators to contact our team in the framework of cooperation for the creation and promotion of new projects that are interested in making use of the natural or cultural environment and its natural resources Psiloritis.
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