Mavros Kormos – Beginning of Mygias Gorge

A Mitato on the Road Where the Beast Fell

The toponym Mavros Kormos, named after the dry-stone construction of the same name, is located at the entrance of the iconic Mygias (meaning fly) Gorge, where local legend has it that the Beast of the Zominthos Spring fell mortally wounded (Spokos/2015).

According to the local folk song written and belonging to the tradition of Anogeia, the Beast of the Zominthos Spring posed the greatest danger to the shepherds of the area; its presence prevented their herds from accessing the water.

Until Anogeian Nikolaos Manouras decided in the year 1340 to slay the two-headed creature with three arrows, as the legend goes, the Beast of the Spring, severely injured, fell into the gorge of the area.

For days, clouds of flies swarmed above the carcass of the beast, giving the toponym Mygias (Fly) Gorge.

Near the beginning of the gorge and the area of Mavros Kormos lies the dry-stone construction complex of the Hairetides family, which hosted the artistic endeavor of Meta Prometheus. We warmly thank the shepherd Stelios Hairetis for hosting us in his pastureland and his family’s Mitato, guiding us through this unique corner of Psiloritis. We warmly thank the shepherd Stelis Chhretis who hosted us in his pasture and his family’s mitato, guiding us at the same time to this special corner of Psiloritis.

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