Lost Fighters

The Shelter of the Lost Fighters

The Mitato of the Kefalogiannis Family
 Difficult access

According to our local tradition, the peak Hameni tells a tragic story from the period of Ottoman rule, with its name referring to the collective disappearance of citizens from Anogeia by the Ottoman occupying forces.

In this specific area, people were located, arrested, and ultimately ‘lost’ and until today, we do not know what happened to the majority of women and children from Anogeia. They sought refuge in the untamed slopes of Psiloritis during times of revolutionary action and resistance against the conqueror (Spokos/2015).

From this dramatic event and its lost ones, the people of Anogeia named the entire place (Hameni) as a tribute and memory to the women and children who sought shelter in the mountainous land of Mount Ida. Today, the place remains an active grazing area for the Kefalogiannis family. For this reason, we warmly thank Mr. Kostas Kefalogiannis (Thrabalokosta) and his family, Mr. Vasilios Kefalogiannis (Kundovasilis), who hosted the above activity in their Mitata at the peak of Hameni (Psiloritis Geopark) at an altitude of 1260 meters.

We equally thank the Member of Parliament, lawyer, and political scientist Konstantinos Kefalogiannis and the businessman Aris Kefalogiannis for their substantial response and support in the implementation of this action, as well as the student Andreas Kefalogiannis for his hospitality and assistance during this time.

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