Fambrica – Ancient Zominthos

The Mitato in the Community of Mountainous Minoans

This present Mitato is the most photographed and easily accessible ancient Mitato of Anogeia, as it is located near the road to the Nida Plateau and the Idaean Cave, just a few meters from the archaeological site of Ancient Zominthos. Both the dry-stone construction of Fambrica (right across) and Ancient Zominthos burden the area with a distant past, demonstrating the utilization of the upper floor of Crete (Mount Psiloritis) since the early millennia of human civilization on the island.

This present Mitato was used by the Hairetides family, serving the needs of shepherding on Psiloritis for many years, now possibly being the most easily accessible and photographed dry-stone construction in the Anogeian territory of Psiloritis.

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