To realize the project, three artistic forms were created in a connection of local cultural heritage (folk music artists) and modern manifestations in art (contemporary creators).

Specifically, in the mountainous territory of Psiloritis (Municipality of Anogeion), the first three Xerolithic pastoral installations (Mitata) were selected that hosted different artistic forms, giving them the space and inspiration to create three different works-performances.

The above process was filmed both during the stages of artistic creation and as a primary cultural result resulting in the first Open Art Exhibition of Virtual and Augmented Reality of Psiloritis.

The artists as the main contributors to this initiative with a springboard from a myth of Greek Antiquity, created 3 new works-performances of contemporary art, lending their own approach to the message and the impact of today.

Morfeas Papoutsakis | Kostis Andreadakis

The visual artist, conservator of artworks, and director Morfeas Papoutsakis, in musical improvisation with the lyre of the Greek ambassador on behalf of the society of citizens for the future of Europe, Kostis Andreadakis, are the creators of the work 'Meta Προμηθέας - Invention and Creation in the Worlds of the Metaverse'.

George Bounias | George Saloustros

The visual artist, conservator of artworks, antiquities, and set designer George Bounias, accompanied by George Saloustros (Kehris) (percussion), in a visual performance, transformed the skull of a ram (which constitutes animal remains of the area) as a transition from escape from death to life and the change of seasons, as expressed by the bacchic attendants of Dionysus and the goat-footed god Pan in a hymn to spring and life.

Maria Athitaki | Stella Melampianaki

Actress and performer Maria Athitaki, along with performer and gymnast Stella Melampianaki, present a performance of contemporary choreography and physical theater, with musical improvisation by Anogeian musician Vasilis Dramountanis (mandolin). The thematic myth revolves around the refugee, rescue, and protection of the newborn Zeus in the sacred sanctuary of the Idaean Cave on Mount Psiloritis.
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