George Bounias | George Saloustros

The visual artist, conservator of artworks, antiquities, and set designer George Bounias, accompanied by George Saloustros (Kehris) (percussion), in a visual performance, transformed the skull of a ram (which constitutes animal remains of the area) as a transition from escape from death to life and the change of seasons, as expressed by the bacchic attendants of Dionysus and the goat-footed god Pan in a hymn to spring and life.

The directorial coordination of the work was done by cinematographer Manolis Papadakis, researcher Thodoris Eudaimonas in collaboration with Michalis Tsourdalakis.

PandemonCracy – The Panic of the Era in the Pandemonium of Nature

In the toponymy of Fabrica and the wider area of ancient Zominthos in the mountainous Minoan Crete, the second artistic action of the Metartum Project took place, titled PandemonCracy – The Panic of the Era in the Pandemonium of Nature.

With inspiration and visual representation this time of the Panic of the era through the survival of the image of the god Pan, the artist attempted to express the dominance of life and nature over death. In another toponymy of the sacred land of Psiloritis and in the Mitato of the Hairetis family, known as Fabrica, the above creation was realized.

The visual artist and conservator of artworks, George Bounias, using the skull of a ram (animal remains of the area) as a canvas, created a composition where the orgiastic growth of nature prevails over wars, with shoots climbing on military tanks, perhaps driven by Pan’s flute and the dance of the nymphs in a pandemonium of life.

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