Morfeas Papoutsakis | Kostis Andreadakis

The visual artist, conservator of artworks, and director Morfeas Papoutsakis, in musical improvisation with the lyre of the Greek ambassador on behalf of the society of citizens for the future of Europe, Kostis Andreadakis, are the creators of the work 'Meta Προμηθέας - Invention and Creation in the Worlds of the Metaverse'.

The directorial coordination of the work was done by the cinematographer Manolis Papadakis, the researcher Theodoros Eudaimonas in collaboration with Michalis Tsourdalakis

Meta Prometheus – Invention and Creation in the Worlds of the Metaverse

The mythical and highly symbolic figure of Prometheus, combined with the multidimensional META of our days, intertwines in the earthy sculpture titled ‘Meta Προμηθέας – Invention and Creation in the Worlds of the Metaverse’, in an era where digitality has been incorporated into the model of life, perhaps even in the perspective of immortality (Metahumanism).

God, Titan, Daemon, Prometheus is the dominant symbolism of humanity’s transition from savagery to civilization through his conscious sacrifice, as punishment for stealing fire. Prometheus means the one who foresees (pro-Mētis).

The fire of Prometheus is essentially the flame of the intellectual idea of numbers, letters, arts, stars, and plants, of divination, for the primordial spiritual upgrade of humanity, perhaps similar to today’s digital upgrade.

The artist and character Morfeas Papoutsakis, accompanied by the music of Kostis Andreadakis, created a composition inspired by the primordial materials and musical elements of the place, the earth, and the lyre, creating an Anti-Work (as Morfeas calls it) that would critically observe the transitional era we are going through as humanity, despite our technological achievements.

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